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    The new Tonero counterbalanced trucks from Toyota now include in-house Toyota engines surpassing the latest European Stage V regulations. We commit to respond and provide cleaner solutions with the same quality and performance our customers would expect, whether it’s diesel or LPG forklifts trucks.
    The new Toyota Tonero improved, cleaner and leaner. The new optimised Tonero has been designed for productivity, efficiency and the environment. The Tonero Stage V includes Toyota leanest industrial engines optimising performance and driveability, meaning lower fuel consumption, less maintenance and cleaner operations whether it’s a diesel or LPG truck. We strive to continue developing increasingly efficient IC CB trucks with lower emission levels, as well as minimising total cost of ownership. The new Tonero models include many new features and improvements meeting customers’ requirements in terms of quality, driveability and safety. The new counterweight design has been improved to ease access for service, increasing productivity and resulting in time saving. The Toyota ultra-clean and highly fuel efficient 1ZS engine built in-house now includes a diesel particulate filter (DPF) for cleaner material handling operations.
    The new dashboard display is easy and intuitive thanks to all the controls now integrated in one place ensuring higher productivity and efficiency.
    The new Toyota LED lights improve drivers’ visibility, for safer handling. LED lights are extremely energy-efficient, reduce service costs and increase availability as well as productivity.
    • Toyota lean industrial engines (diesel or LPG)
    • Optimised performance and driveability
    • Enhanced ergonomics for driver comfort
    • Cleaner operations, lower fuel consumption, less maintenance

    To know more about the new Tonero Stage V Forklifts, visit our website:

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