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    All our Toyota warehouse trucks are factory- fitted with integrated telematics as standard, making them Smart Trucks. This allows your forklifts to be connected and send online information to your Toyota I_Site fleet management system.

    Anywhere, anytime, via a web browser or mobile application you are in control and have easy access to all your warehouse data, allowing you to measure, analyse and improve your daily operations. This will result in more efficiency, productivity and safety in your workplace for leaner operations.

    How will connected smart trucks with I_Site benefit your operations? Toyota smart trucks connected to the I_Site fleet management system will benefit your business in 3 main areas – for maximum value – added operation with extreme optimisation and zero waste in energy, time and space as a result.

    • Increase Productivity
      Minimise waste in your operation by optimising utilisation of your fleet and drivers
    • Improve Safety
      Create a safer workplace by managing impacts, driver access and pre-op check
    • Bring down Costs
      Be more in control of your operational costs, utilization of your trucks and damage cost

    Get value out of your Smart truck with the right I_Site package

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