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    By September 21, 2022No Comments
    The BT Levio LWI160 is the first truck designed solely around a modular Li-ion battery concept making the powered pallet truck very compact, incredibly light and highly energy efficient.
    The new Li-ion designed Levio LWI160, revolutionary and innovative…
    The BT Levio LWI160 is the new modular approach from Toyota built around Toyota lithium-ion batteries. The entire design of the powered pallet truck has been optimised thanks to the removal of the traditional battery tank allowing an optimal fit of all components. This results in a very compact machine, which is smaller, lighter and more energy-efficient. The LWI160 is easy and safe to operate in low, medium and high intensity pedestrian applications. Whether it’s in confined areas, back of stores, distribution centers or on-board lorries, the LWI160 is up for the task. This truck comes with a maintenance free Lithium-ion battery for fast and opportunity charging ensuring high availability and flexibility.
    • Lithium-ion battery for increased productivity
    • One compact machine size for all battery capacities
    • Low weight, low energy consumption, low noise
    • Optimised corner control reducing damage or injuries
    • Available for Ambient or Cold Store environments
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