Another one of our incredible pallet racking solutions – Radioshuttle Racking is a semi-automated, high-density storage system that eliminates the need for forklift trucks to enter aisles and is cost-effective and timesaving.

This high-density, deep storage solution uses semi-automated shuttles to store and retrieve palletised goods from the racking. It is similar in nature to drive-in racking however each level can be a separate SKU.

A radioshuttle machine is placed on rails under the pallet rails which then travels into the rack and rises to raise the pallet then brings it back to the front of the rack.

Pallet Shuttles are highly efficient alternatives to live storage and drive-in racks because they are remotely controlled. For situations such as cold storage, food processing, and meat processing, radioshuttle racking systems work as First in, First Out (FIFO) or Last in, First Out (LIFO).


  • Saves time and money; does not require special forklifts
  • Risks to personnel and equipment are low
  • An automated pallet picking and retrieval system that is fast and sustainable
  • Increases storage density and efficiency
  • Can be used either as a FIFO or LIFO system
  • Easily picks up, deposits, and reorganises pallets
  • Unused space above galleries or over the shipping bay can also be fully utilised with this system
  • Different models are available to accommodate varying pallet configurations

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