Gravity Racking (also known as Live Racking or Flow Racking) is suitable for FIFO (First In First Out) storage of goods with a high rate of turnover and where fast access to goods is required. Along with these benefits, it utilises up to 60% less space than a conventional pallet racking warehouse.

These compact racking structures with sloped roller track sections allow pallets to slide from one side of the installation to the other at a controlled speed – only by the force of gravity. This system is time-saving as pallets can be placed at the entry of the racking, where large quantities of pallets can be stored in depth. This is a highly efficient system as the loading aisles are separate from the unloading aisles.


  • Dedicated loading and retrieval requiring only two forklift aisles
  • Reduces floor space by up to 60%
  • All levels can be accessed at all times
  • Ideal for handling large quantities of uniform goods
  • FIFO handling – perfect rotation of stored goods
  • Increased warehouse picking efficiency and speed

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