In comparison to conventional pallet storage, Drive-In Racking systems are ideal for storing large quantities of similar or identical goods. Reduce your number of aisles and gain more pallets per square metre.

The racking components of a drive-in system form inner loading lanes with support rails on each side for the pallets. The truck drives into the lanes and stacks the goods onto the rails, all the way until the end, thereby utilising the full depth of the installation.

With drive-in racking, loading and unloading times are reduced, and access is greater than with block stacking. Stacking pallets on front-to-back rails allows them to be stacked next to each other safely and efficiently, which especially important when the items are fragile or unstable. From the front of the rack, pallets can be accessed one-by-one according to the First-in, Last-out (FILO) principle.


  • The highest storage density per cubic metre of any system
  • Optimal floor and storage space utilisation – up to 70% effective space utilisation
  • Ideal for homogenous products or seasonal products and chilled storage with limited stock rotation
  • Low initial investment
  • Safe block stacking for goods that are too fragile to be stacked on top of each other

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