Our made-to-measure Cantilever systems are perfect for storing long, heavy goods in a safe and organised way.

Whether your work environment is indoors or outdoors, our Cantilevers are suited to meet all your design needs. And because there are no uprights on the front, forklifts are able to access all levels.

Cantilever racking systems are based on columns with horizontal arms for the load. They can store long goods or items of varying length, such as beams, pipes, metal, plastic or wooden boards or sheets. It is available in single and double-sided versions with several options for load distribution. You can choose between light and heavy-duty options depending on the load per arm, arm length and column height.


  • System with the highest flexibility in terms of weight and size
  • Versatile for every work environment
  • Ability to store items with different lengths
  • Optimal for long goods handling
  • Can be installed on mobile bases for increased storage capacity

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