Automatic Machines

A multi-column automated vertical lift module that is tailored to your needs. It consists of shifting trays that are spread across multiple storage columns in an innovative vertical storage system.

Our automated storage and retrieval systems are based on the principle of “goods-to-person” so the materials are automatically brought to the operator, eliminating the time necessary to go and search for items and drastically reducing the risk of workplace accidents. Organised storage together with an armoured structure and controlled access using an authentication process, protect your goods from theft or damage.

These systems can save you up to 70% on existing floor space, reduce picking errors by up to 70% and decrease picking time by more than 60%.

Our automatic machines are dynamic storage systems which move vertically and deliver the required goods on a tray directly to the operator, either by pushing a button or scanning a barcode. It offers maximum storage capacity on minimum floor space and fast access to the goods. Designed to optimise the internal management of goods, they help manufacturing and distribution companies to digitise and automate their storage, picking, order preparation and replenishment processes in line with the concepts of Lean Production and Industry 4.0.

As a result of their modular design, these machines utilise all available vertical and horizontal space to make the most of storage and retrieval operations. They are suitable for the storage of small parts, moulds or dyes, spare parts, packaging and labels, raw materials, automated pick and place islands amongst others.


  • Utilisation of all vertical and horizontal space available
  • Optimal price/capacity ratio (€/m3)
  • Versatility in application
  • Continuous and flexible operation
  • Identifiable, traceable and secure storage
  • A more ergonomic, safe, and comfortable working environment for operators

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