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    Almost everything we buy is manufactured, whether it is engineering, electrical, clothing, food or packaging, products need to be made. To reduce errors, improve workflow, and maintain optimum productivity levels in this industry, efficient storage solutions are essential. In manufacturing, multi-stage processes often require multiple storage solutions. We can help you combine different storage methods to create a well-organised operation for every step of your process.


    We offer a wide range of adaptable products to meet the most stringent requirements for safe and correct storage of pharmaceutical products, whether you develop, manufacture, distribute or sell them. When the margin for error is zero, you can only speak to the experts. At Storage Systems, we have decades of experience providing storage solutions to the pharmaceutical industry. It is often necessary to have a custom-made storage solution if you need to meet specific safety, traceability, hygiene, and temperature requirements, and here too our wealth of experience is invaluable.


    Professionals in the construction industry are aware of the challenges they face, including storing and displaying a wide range of products with many different sizes and some with incredibly heavy loads. Whether it is timber, paints, cement, scaffolding or miscellaneous spare parts, we have the solution for you. Pallet racking, cantilevers or shelving for spare parts, inside or outside can all be provided because we understand that maximising space and ensuring easy and fast access at all times are absolutely crucial.


    For logistics companies, ensuring speed, flexibility, and product safety is paramount so the storage solutions engaged need to be just right. When these storage solutions are designed with a clear understanding of item throughput and flows, processes can be accelerated and time can be saved. We can assist you with designing a warehouse that meets your needs, improves material handling efficiency and optimises stock levels. We do this by producing different options for modular storage for any warehouse space and evaluating the benefits of each solution, with the aim of pinpointing the one which works best for your operations.


    The storage challenges faced by the hospitality sector are multiple and diverse. Who better understands the importance of utilising every square metre of available space in the best possible way? And who better to help you plan and maximise your spaces than Storage Systems. Food, linens, crockery, cleaning supplies and furniture all need to be stored and they need to be readily accessible at a moment’s notice. Speak to us about our innovative solutions in this regard because they can not only help you save money, time and space but they can also improve your employees’ safety and your clients’ experience.


    It is important for automotive workshops to store a wide range of spare parts safely, efficiently, and in an easily accessible manner. From car doors to carburettors, from windshield wipers to tyres, it can be a challenge to store all automotive parts in good condition, especially when they come in such a wide range of shapes and sizes. We have a variety of different solutions and some come equipped with dedicated automotive storage accessories.  Our experience, knowledge and range of different products will surely help you to find a solution that fully supports and grows your business!


    Fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) or consumer packaged goods (CPG), like food, beverages, cosmetics, dry goods or other consumables, bring with them a range of storage headaches. We know that in this industry you must manage different storage temperatures, maintain high stock turnover, maintain hygiene standards, and ensure product traceability, all while maximising your available space! Today’s fast consumption habits, ever-changing market and growing competition have revolutionised the industry and storage solutions must change with it. Be it ambient, chilled or frozen, we can help you find the best storage solutions for your particular supply chain structure and ensure that the right product reaches the right shop shelf at the right time.


    Banks, financial, accounting, insurance and gaming companies have all found reliable solutions and complete peace of mind at Storage Systems. We have the experience to help you forego traditional office storage solutions and switch to more modern, space-gaining storage concepts which reduce your costs and free up space for uses other than storage. Safety, security, productivity, efficiency, ergonomic and aesthetic worries can become a thing of the past as we help you to improve your office storage environment. Speak to us about our range of archive and library solutions, our cabinets and lockers and other miscellaneous office furniture and items.

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