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    Material Handling


    By September 21, 2022November 11th, 2022No Comments

    Trucks can’t talk… Data can!

    We the team at Storage Systems are proud to introduce an Industry first, benefiting our business partners/customers operations.

    All our Toyota Material Handling warehouse trucks are now factory fitted with Integrated Telematics as standard, making them Smart Trucks.

    This allows them to be connected and send online information to our Toyota I_Site Fleet Management System which can now be activated with just one click at no extra cost to our clients. Once activated the technology allows our customers to keep control of their business by monitoring, measuring and improving their operations. This is a powerful solution for exploring and realizing improvements in several essential areas such as reduction of costs, increased utilization ratios, control of machine access, tracking of driver’s certification, battery charging cycle monitoring, Geo-fencing – GPS tracking of the truck and of course increased safety in the workplace.

    As standard, Smart Trucks from Toyota Material Handling now give our clients an overview on a range of information which is accessible whenever and wherever via a web browser, tablet or smartphone. Smart Trucks provide the right information to make sure clients are in control of their operations and even allow them to take action from a distance if necessary.

    Another addition to the Storage Systems range of products that enable our customers to benefit from the advancement in the field of Intralogistics.

    To know more about the new Integrated Telematics Smart Truck range, visit our website:

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