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    Our fully-trained staff takes care of the entire process including delivery the products, setting up, and testing to make sure everything is in order from the go. We handle the peripheral requirements including specialised tools and equipment as well as the coordination of any structural works that may be required.

    We are flexible to adapt to the size of any project and our experience allows us to manage timings perfectly to meet the clients’ deadlines.

    Storage Systems sources the most advanced products from top-quality brands. Our reliable solutions are the combination of innovative furnishings and expert guidance.

    We handle relocations and recongifurations, even of systems from other manufacturers.

    Storage Systems built a reputation for building trustworthy relationships, with the best level of service and respect for the clients’ timeframes and budgets.


    Our teams of highly qualified and specially-trained installers make sure each installation is handled in the most professional and safest way possible from start to finish. Each racking installation, whether it is a new build or an alteration to an existing project, is done in accordance with the relevant standards and regulations. We handle the peripheral requirements, including specialised tools and equipment, as well as the coordination of any structural works that may be required. We are flexible to adapt to the size of any project and our experience allows us to manage timings perfectly to meet clients’ deadlines.


    Use of space is crucial to the performance of any organisation, especially where land is limited. At Storage Systems we have developed a unique expertise in maximising available space and shaping it for a more organised, streamlined operation.

    Our work starts with detailed planning to fit the client’s priorities both in terms of storage needs and timelines. The committed Storage Systems team will design tailor-made solutions based on expertise and a range of ingenious products.

    We can support clients with total turnkey logistical project management, joining all ends together for a flowing, trouble-free process.


    Our relationship with the client only begins with the installation. We offer top-class aftersales services to make sure your systems keep running steadily over time – everything from repairs to decommissioning.

    At Storage Systems, we understand that intralogistics is vital to smooth performance and our team acts swiftly to resolve any technical issues that may arise over time.

    We offer the most comprehensive maintenance packages with warranty periods that extend beyond the legal obligations. Our clients have the peace of mind that their quality products are backed up by a quality aftersales service.

    Storage Systems responds to any situation which may arise in a timely and effective manner and clients can even sign up to our expert 24/7 maintenance service.


    We don’t take chances with clients’ intralogistics equipment.

    Storage Systems are manufactured to the highest quality and are designed to give you years of use, but racking can get damaged or misaligned, making it a danger to both your staff and your business. The constant loading and unloading of pallets can compromise the strength, stability and integrity of any storage system which is why they need to be inspected and maintained regularly for signs of wear and tear.

    Inspections can prevent damage to people or goods, extend the life span of facilities, minimise future repair costs by discovering risks early and offer a speedy repair service.

    Our Racking Maintenance and Inspection service provides a comprehensive audit of your beams, uprights, frame bracing, floor fixings and lock-in clips. As the inspections are carried out in typical operational conditions, the inspectors also check that it is fit for purpose.

    Our Annual Rack Inspection service provides comprehensive professional inspection,  certified and experienced inspectors, no interruption to operations, detailed inspection report, reminder of when next inspection is due, support between visits and Load signs for each rack stating its maximum capacity.

    We trust that the above will prove to be of interest to you. In case you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact our Technical Department on +356 2247 6700 who will be happy to assist you.


    We design systems that require the minimum effort from the user and use the latest, easiest-to-use technology in installations. However, clients can be confident that their in-house staff will be able to operate any equipment efficiently and correctly.

    A crucial part of our professional service is training and transfer of knowledge so that the organisations can truly harness the power of their new tools. We make sure that the clients are able to run their new systems independently, and that our specialist knowledge is transferred to the responsible team.

    At the same time, we are always in contact to offer refresher training sessions and update the clients on new developments. Our specialists are committed to deliver not just the systems on the site, but full proficiency to those using it.

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