Providing dense storage that maximizes floor space, automated storage and retrieval systems (AS/RS) integrate automated hardware and software for accurate picking and replenishment. These systems automatically locate and deliver the required inventory to a conveyor system, manual outfeed, or an ergonomic operator station. This translates to a reduction in labour, floor space and inventory levels, while increasing accuracy and productivity in comparison to manual storage methods. Typical storage applications include order picking, tooling, consolidation, work-in-process, and buffering in ambient, cold, freezer, or clean-room environments.

Key benefits –

Saves up to 85%+ of otherwise wasted floor space

Reduces labour requirements by up to two-thirds

Extends order cut off times

Provides individual and department accountability

Enhances product security

Increases ergonomics by delivering items to the operator at a convenient height, eliminating time lost to walking, searching, lifting, bending and twisting activities

Increases accuracy levels to 99.99%+

Increases throughput capabilities

Creates new revenue generating activities by reclaiming otherwise wasted space and labour