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    BT Levio LWE130 1.3t Li-Ion

    • 1300kg

    • 195mm

    • 24V

    • 5.5km/h

    Price  €4,950 exc. Vat

    Power Unit Electric – 6940766 / 6994078
    Capacity (kg) 1300
    Mast Type mm N/A
    Height Mast Lowered mm N/A
    Year 2023
    Running Hours 00,000
    Castor Wheel Polyurethane
    Drive Wheel Polyurethane
    Fork Wheel Single Prime
    Operator Type Pedestrian
    Service weight including battery kg. 246
    Forks mm 76/156/1150
    Turning Radius mm 1410
    Width over forks mm 570
    Overall width mm 700
    Service Brake Electromagnetic
    Drive Control Variable AC
    Wheelbase (forks raised/lowered) mm 1199/1252
    Battery Type / Energy Solution Li-Ion
    Battery Voltage, nominal capacity V/Ah 1×25/50
    Charger Built-in 1 Phase 110-240V 9A UK Plug
    Integrated telematics Toyota I_SITE
    Warranty 36 Months
    Condition NEW

    Looking for a lightweight powered pedestrian pallet truck that carries loads with ease over short to medium distances? Being compact and light, as well as quiet in operation, it allows for safe and ergonomic use in a wide variety of applications. The low-maintenance AC motor offers great energy efficiency, as well as durability and strength.

    Easy battery charging

    Features a built-in charger for easy charging – just plug it into a power socket. An in-vehicle charging system is also available for charging while travelling on delivery vehicles. It features intelligent control to operate only when the main vehicle engine is running. Li-ion maintenance free battery.

    Safe operation

    This truck is equipped with PIN code access, individual parameter settings and automatic shut-off for safe operation. When starting uphill or in an inclination, the forward travel mode can be selected without any risk of the truck rolling backwards when the brakes are released.

    Ergonomic design

    The intuitive tiller arm offers a 208° steering angle for smooth and easy manoeuvring. For an ergonomic driver experience in combination with storage space and low sound levels.

    Energy efficiency

    The revolutionary low-maintenance AC motor offers durability and strength, as well as low energy consumption. The standby mode cuts off most energy-consuming components. And a smart charger gives you an increased battery lifetime.

    Smart truck

    Smart trucks are equipped with telematics hardware as standard. These trucks can be easily connected with I_Site from Toyota, offering insights into battery management, geolocation, shocks, and many more.


    The BT Levio LWE130 is a lightweight electric truck perfect for applications in confined areas such as retail, shops and supermarkets, as well as on-board vehicles. The LWE130 is intuitive and user-friendly thanks to its quiet operation and programmable driver parameters. This truck comes with a built-in charger for fast and easy charging, and has different choices of energy solutions. Built according to TPS, this truck is equipped with telematics hardware, making it a smart truck that can be connected. This allows the user to easily monitor its activity together with GPS positioning that will support safety and efficiency.

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