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News - Storage Systems

Toyota Material Handling I_Site benefits and offer

Connected trucks from Toyota

All our Toyota warehouse trucks are factory- fitted with integrated telematics as standard, making them Smart Trucks. This allows your forklifts to be connected and send online information to your Toyota I_Site fleet management system.

Anywhere, anytime, via a web browser or mobile application you are in control and have easy access to all your warehouse data, allowing you to measure, analyse and improve your daily operations. This will result in more efficiency, productivity and safety in your workplace for leaner operations.

How will connected smart trucks with I_Site benefit your operations? Toyota smart trucks connected to the I_Site fleet management system will benefit your business in 3 main areas – for maximum value – added operation with extreme optimisation and zero waste in energy, time and space as a result.

  • Increase Productivity
    Minimise waste in your operation by optimising utilisation of your fleet and drivers
  • Improve Safety
    Create a safer workplace by managing impacts, driver access and pre-op check
  • Bring down Costs
    Be more in control of your operational costs, utilization of your trucks and damage cost

Get value out of your Smart truck with the right I_Site package

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Be in control : Measure and improve with Toyota I_SITE

Smart warehouse trucks from Toyota, equipped with Integrated Telematics hardware, as standard connected to I_Site, the fleet management system from Toyota.

Toyota I_Site is the perfect tool for fleet and logistic managers to understand forklifts’ status, driver performance and overall productivity in their warehouse. The user-friendly I_Site dashboard interface offers a condensed real-time and accurate overview of your operations, in which you can visualize issues very quickly. It is accessible whenever and wherever you need it: via a web browser, a tablet or a smartphone. You can choose and customize the indicators you like via the interface which give you a quick, yet precise overview of your general status on the warehouse floor.

Meanwhile, all the background data you need is always available, and just one click away. Toyota has established the appropriate data security procedures for your data.

Toyota I_Site is a powerful solution for exploring and realizing improvements in several essential areas: whether you want to reduce costs, increase your utilization ratio, control machine access, track drivers’ licenses, improve your environmental performance or increase safety in your workplace.

Toyota I_Site gives you a crystal clear overview with all details you need to make the right decision and optimize your operation. This allows you to keep full control of your business by measuring, analyzing and improving your material handling operation.

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BT Tyro Powered hand pallet truck

The BT tyro LHE130 is the new entry model perfect for light electric pallet truck applications.

It can transport and lift loads up to 1300 kg. The LHE130 is available with li-ion technology for energy efficiency. It combines the features of a powered pallet truck with the flexibility of a conventional pallet truck. The BT tyro is the perfect solution for hand pallet truck users who need that extra boost in productivity.

The BT tyro LHE130 compact design is perfect for light applications in confined areas such as retail, shops and warehouses, as well as loading/un- loading lorries.

The LHE130 is ergonomic and can be maneuvered effortlessly thanks to its tiller arm allowing it to work perfectly while on a vertical position.

This truck comes with a maintenance free Lithium-ion battery for fast and opportunity charging ensuring high availability and flexibility.

  • Lithium-ion battery for increased productivity
  • Pin code for access control
  • Effortless maneuverability, light and compact
  • Ergonomic design perfect for confined areas


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Toyota BT Levio LWI160 Lithium-Ion pedestrian-operated truck

The BT Levio LWI160 is the first truck designed solely around a modular Li-ion battery concept making the powered pallet truck very compact, incredibly light and highly energy efficient.
The new Li-ion designed Levio LWI160, revolutionary and innovative…
The BT Levio LWI160 is the new modular approach from Toyota built around Toyota lithium-ion batteries. The entire design of the powered pallet truck has been optimised thanks to the removal of the traditional battery tank allowing an optimal fit of all components. This results in a very compact machine, which is smaller, lighter and more energy-efficient. The LWI160 is easy and safe to operate in low, medium and high intensity pedestrian applications. Whether it’s in confined areas, back of stores, distribution centers or on-board lorries, the LWI160 is up for the task. This truck comes with a maintenance free Lithium-ion battery for fast and opportunity charging ensuring high availability and flexibility.
  • Lithium-ion battery for increased productivity
  • One compact machine size for all battery capacities
  • Low weight, low energy consumption, low noise
  • Optimised corner control reducing damage or injuries
  • Available for Ambient or Cold Store environments
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Toyota Tonero Stage V Internal Combustion Counterbalance Forklift Trucks

The new Tonero counterbalanced trucks from Toyota now include in-house Toyota engines surpassing the latest European Stage V regulations. We commit to respond and provide cleaner solutions with the same quality and performance our customers would expect, whether it’s diesel or LPG forklifts trucks.
The new Toyota Tonero improved, cleaner and leaner. The new optimised Tonero has been designed for productivity, efficiency and the environment. The Tonero Stage V includes Toyota leanest industrial engines optimising performance and driveability, meaning lower fuel consumption, less maintenance and cleaner operations whether it’s a diesel or LPG truck. We strive to continue developing increasingly efficient IC CB trucks with lower emission levels, as well as minimising total cost of ownership. The new Tonero models include many new features and improvements meeting customers’ requirements in terms of quality, driveability and safety. The new counterweight design has been improved to ease access for service, increasing productivity and resulting in time saving. The Toyota ultra-clean and highly fuel efficient 1ZS engine built in-house now includes a diesel particulate filter (DPF) for cleaner material handling operations.
The new dashboard display is easy and intuitive thanks to all the controls now integrated in one place ensuring higher productivity and efficiency.
The new Toyota LED lights improve drivers’ visibility, for safer handling. LED lights are extremely energy-efficient, reduce service costs and increase availability as well as productivity.
  • Toyota lean industrial engines (diesel or LPG)
  • Optimised performance and driveability
  • Enhanced ergonomics for driver comfort
  • Cleaner operations, lower fuel consumption, less maintenance

To know more about the new Tonero Stage V Forklifts, visit our website:

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Smart Trucks with Integrated Telematics – Always Connected

Trucks can’t talk… Data can!

We the team at Storage Systems are proud to introduce an Industry first, benefiting our business partners/customers operations.

All our Toyota Material Handling warehouse trucks are now factory fitted with Integrated Telematics as standard, making them Smart Trucks.

This allows them to be connected and send online information to our Toyota I_Site Fleet Management System which can now be activated with just one click at no extra cost to our clients. Once activated the technology allows our customers to keep control of their business by monitoring, measuring and improving their operations. This is a powerful solution for exploring and realizing improvements in several essential areas such as reduction of costs, increased utilization ratios, control of machine access, tracking of driver’s certification, battery charging cycle monitoring, Geo-fencing – GPS tracking of the truck and of course increased safety in the workplace.

As standard, Smart Trucks from Toyota Material Handling now give our clients an overview on a range of information which is accessible whenever and wherever via a web browser, tablet or smartphone. Smart Trucks provide the right information to make sure clients are in control of their operations and even allow them to take action from a distance if necessary.

Another addition to the Storage Systems range of products that enable our customers to benefit from the advancement in the field of Intralogistics.

To know more about the new Integrated Telematics Smart Truck range, visit our website:

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