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    Material Handling


    By September 21, 2022No Comments

    The BT tyro LHE130 is the new entry model perfect for light electric pallet truck applications.

    It can transport and lift loads up to 1300 kg. The LHE130 is available with li-ion technology for energy efficiency. It combines the features of a powered pallet truck with the flexibility of a conventional pallet truck. The BT tyro is the perfect solution for hand pallet truck users who need that extra boost in productivity.

    The BT tyro LHE130 compact design is perfect for light applications in confined areas such as retail, shops and warehouses, as well as loading/un- loading lorries.

    The LHE130 is ergonomic and can be maneuvered effortlessly thanks to its tiller arm allowing it to work perfectly while on a vertical position.

    This truck comes with a maintenance free Lithium-ion battery for fast and opportunity charging ensuring high availability and flexibility.

    • Lithium-ion battery for increased productivity
    • Pin code for access control
    • Effortless maneuverability, light and compact
    • Ergonomic design perfect for confined areas
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