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    Material Handling


    By October 21, 2022No Comments

    Smart warehouse trucks from Toyota, equipped with Integrated Telematics hardware, as standard connected to I_Site, the fleet management system from Toyota.

    Toyota I_Site is the perfect tool for fleet and logistic managers to understand forklifts’ status, driver performance and overall productivity in their warehouse. The user-friendly I_Site dashboard interface offers a condensed real-time and accurate overview of your operations, in which you can visualize issues very quickly. It is accessible whenever and wherever you need it: via a web browser, a tablet or a smartphone. You can choose and customize the indicators you like via the interface which give you a quick, yet precise overview of your general status on the warehouse floor.

    Meanwhile, all the background data you need is always available, and just one click away. Toyota has established the appropriate data security procedures for your data.

    Toyota I_Site is a powerful solution for exploring and realizing improvements in several essential areas: whether you want to reduce costs, increase your utilization ratio, control machine access, track drivers’ licenses, improve your environmental performance or increase safety in your workplace.

    Toyota I_Site gives you a crystal clear overview with all details you need to make the right decision and optimize your operation. This allows you to keep full control of your business by measuring, analyzing and improving your material handling operation.

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