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    By September 21, 2022November 11th, 2022No Comments

    The history of human civilization is also the story of people trying to rid themselves of hard toil and offloading it onto other persons, animals, or machines. The whole concept of automation is often seen as technology that makes life easier.

    From an entrepreneurship point of view, however, automaton means higher value and better returns. More companies are recognising the potential of warehouse automation as a strategic asset that brings agility, flexibility, and efficiency.

    With fundamental shifts in technological ability, these are the five major reasons that are increasingly making warehouse automation a serious gamechanger.

    Job effectiveness: With automated processes handling repeated tasks, employees can concentrate on more complex jobs that require keener decision power. Machines can manage basic tasks to perfection while job satisfaction is raised for staff.

    Flow accuracy: automated equipment knows exactly what to do and when – and performs the action perfectly every time. Precision eliminates disorder which piles up wastage of resources and capital.

    Time maximisation: The new generation of automation means that warehouse processes can remain in operation longer without the added complications and expenses of human resources.

    Cost cutting: Automation not only adds value by enhancing operation efficiencies but also by lowering recurring expenses. High-quality machines mean very low maintenance and servicing costs.

    Safety boost: Smart software and advanced laser systems make automated machines the ideal collaborators on the warehouse floor. Equipment is loaded with fully-alert vision sensors and can detect and effectively respond to health and safety risks.

    Damage reduction: Accurate movement and superior sensor technology means that automated machines drastically curb on-site accidents, protecting wares and limiting disruption. Machines offer uniform behaviour throughout the day.

    Energy efficiency: Automated equipment intelligently distributes energy to save resources. Machines are energy cost-effective and capable of independently re-charging batteries, optimising use of time to match operation requirements.

    Learn more about what automation can do for your organisation. Get in touch with Storage Systems today. 

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